Today’s Guests: Gordon Galloway
Justin Forrest and Cindy Horn from RairSystems.


Jan 28,2022

Good morning everyone! The Band of Locals is always live Friday mornings on SUNNY 97.3 with host Carlleen Rose. Before we get to today’s guests we have Cardinal Shout Outs sent by BRHS Vice Principal Jake Schumann. Big Shout Outs to: Scott Ardnt for helping clean up after lab (Mrs. McCullen), Jamis Cline nominated twice for being a leader, “makes me love my job” (Mrs. McCullen and Mrs. Cousineau), Brennan Hofman for helping a student when they were gone (Mrs. McCullen), Skiler Colvin for doing the right thing (Mrs. Hobart), Alex McClelland for helping others (Mr. Buist), Mackenzie Osaki for being a hard worker (Mr. Phillips), Owen Ettinger for helping out (Mrs. Valentine) and Summer Carlson for great effort this week (Mr. Defever). Congratulations for being great students and role models!

Our first two guests are Justin Forrest and Cindy Horn from @RAIR here in Big Rapids. Thank you for stopping in and talking about your business which will be celebrating its one year anniversary this June. “Not all cannabis is made equally and that’s what makes us Rair. Aeroponic growing processes, we produce consistently high-quality cannabis.” They are located at 702 Perry Ave in Big Rapids - Phone: 313-591-9770. Hours: 9am-8pm everyday. Web: You can find all their information to shop online, see deals and more. Delivery options as well for those who cannot make it to the store. Thanks again for sharing about your business and we are happy to have you in our community and always learning!

Gordon Galloway was our next guest and we always love to see this man who wears many hats in the publishing world of books and our community. Today, Gordon was talking about Morley Community Center’s Walking Fundraiser tomorrow from 10am-12pm to help Feeding America West Michigan. This is a wonderful cause and we want to help spread the word! You can participate at the event or write a check to the Morley Community Center and more. We will post the event flyer in the comments below this video.

Thank you again to our guests and we will see you next week for our next show!

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