Guests: Mark & Abby Young


Nov 12,2021

Friday mornings is the Band of Locals - Buy Local First show on SUNNY 97.3 with Steve and host Carlleen Rose. The new studio was packed with wonderful guests and we will share what they had to say! Mark & Abby Young are the owners of Young Farms and this is a fantastic local business in Mecosta and their season is coming to and end but they always post and share any updates. They were also here to talk about another passion of theirs with Hope House Free Medical Clinic here in Big Rapids. This is a free medical clinic and their mission is to provide hope and support to low income medically uninsured adults in Mecosta County. Showing God's love to those in need that may lack resources. They provide basic medical care, lab testing, Medicaid application assistance, x-rays, spiritual support and more. They are located at 405 South 3rd Ave in Our Brothers' Keeper Shelter in Big Rapids. Phone: 231-598-9500, Email: and Web: Thank you for sharing information and more for this and for those in need of medical help check Hope House out.

Dave Hamelund & Robyn Stratton were also in studio to talk about another great cause: Community Giving Day and their annual event: Community Giving Day 2021. The organization/group comprises of area donors who meet various nonprofit organizations that serve the residents of Mecosta County. Community Giving Day is November 30th. Phone: 810-938-0803, Email: and Web: They have an event page: Community Giving Day 2021 with all the information. This event is being done with the help of Big Rapids Lions Club, Rotary Club of Big Rapids, Michigan and Community Giving Day. This year the event will be online and in person. Big thank you to the Big Rapids Eagles 2535 for hosting and all their work and support. You can go in person and/or join live on the video stream that will be on the Facebook page and Community Giving Day's website (posted here). Give back to your favorite non-profits in the community and you can also learn more about these organizations, their mission and more. Date: Tuesday, November 30th from 11am-6pm.

Thank you again to all of our guests and the wonderful service and work you do for our great community. Thanks to our videographer Marianne Biggart Pitts and the Mecosta County Visitors Bureau for adding all the information to our video posts. Community events and resources along with #allthingsmecostacounty can also be found on their website at: Have a great weekend and we will see you all next week.

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Today's Guests: Heidi Gillam & Justin Halladay - Osceola County Commission on Aging. Andy Seager & Dave Hamelund - Big Rapids Lions Club.

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Today's Guest: Joni Littrell Thompson with Frū Apparel

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Today's Guests: Karen Thomspon, Pastor Mark Robb and Nicole Alexander.

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Today’s Guest: Jason Losinski with the Mecosta County Sheriff's Office.…