Banding Together


Member Benefits

The Band of Locals organization is based on locally owned
businesses Banding together in support of each other. These
businesses also strive toward building strong economic
communities while linking neighbors together in a positive bond.
Locally owned businesses are also known for putting a large
share of their revenue back into their local economy by
contributing to local causes and sponsoring events.

Carlleen Rose, President of the organization stated, “The
original idea behind the Band of Locals was to help our local
business community at a time when the economy was at one of
its lowest points. Many business owners were in fear of losing
their shops, which would not only impact their lives, but the
livelihood of their communities as well. The Band of Locals
organization was designed for like-minded, local businesses to
Band together in support of each other, their communities and
the shopping local brand.”


The organization quickly came to fruition with a small one-time
membership fee and their now well-known Blue Bands. The
concept is simple. Each business completes an application,
pays a one-time membership fee of just $50.00, which is used
towards marketing, and that is it. Your business is enrolled as a
member. The Band of Locals operates with volunteers so there
are no payroll expenses to meet. The Old Pioneer Store/Kilwins
Chocolates serves as the organization’s headquarters for walk-
in business and phone calls so there is no added overhead for
office space, utilities or other rated operational expenses. The
voluntary board members handle any needed organizational
functions such as their website, marketing and social media


The Blue Band sales tie the program together. Members and
customers purchase Blue Bands for just $10.00 each that
conveniently attach to your keychain. Present your Band of
Locals Blue Band at member businesses and receive numerous
discounts and specials. Each member chooses what they would
like their discount and/or special to be. These promotions can
stay the same for the year or change monthly.
For a complete list of member businesses and their Blue Band
specials, visit the Band of Locals Discounts page.