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Join The Band of Locals – Empowering Our Community, One Business at a Time

Connect, grow, and thrive by joining our network of local businesses.

Explain what The Band of Locals is and its mission.

Emphasize the importance of supporting local businesses and how joining can benefit the community as a whole.

Description: Highlight how joining increases local exposure through the website, community events, radio show, TikTok-like video segments, and podcast.


  • Description: Explain the opportunities for networking with other local businesses and potential customers at events and through media features.

  • Supporting Image/Graphic: Depict a networking event or testimonial from a member.

Resources and Support:

  • Description: Mention the resources available to members, such as marketing support, workshops, business advice, and media training.

  • Supporting Image/Graphic: Include icons or images representing resources and support.

Community Engagement:

  • Description: Discuss how being part of the network helps in engaging with the community through events, collaborations, and media appearances.

  • Supporting Image/Graphic: Display a community event or collaborative project.

Business Discounts:

  • Description: Explain the benefits of offering a business discount, such as increased customer traffic and prioritized promotion.

  • Prioritization: Highlight that businesses offering discounts will be prioritized in promotions and featured more prominently.

  • Supporting Image/Graphic: Show examples of discounted offers and promotional highlights.

Media Features:

  • Radio Show:

  • In-depth Explanation: Detail how businesses are selected to be featured, the reach of the show, and the benefits of being on air.

  • Success Story: Share a story of a business that saw increased traffic or sales after a feature.

  • On the Road Show:

  • In-depth Explanation: Describe the format, audience reach, and impact of the video segments.

  • Example Segment: Provide a link or description of a successful segment featuring a member business.

  • Podcast:

  • In-depth Explanation: Detail the podcast’s format, typical topics, and how being featured can boost a business’s profile.

  • Listener Metrics: Share statistics about the podcast’s audience to highlight its reach.

Membership Tiers (if applicable):

  • Overview of Tiers: If there are different membership levels, outline the specific benefits of each tier.

  • Comparison Chart: Include a comparison chart to easily show the differences and benefits of each tier.

Testimonials and Success Stories:

  • Multiple Testimonials: Include several testimonials from different types of businesses.

  • Success Stories: Share detailed stories of businesses that have seen significant growth and engagement.


  • Common Questions: Address frequently asked questions about membership, benefits, and the application process.

  • Contact Information for More Help: Provide a way to get in touch for additional questions.

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